We place a high importance on connectedness at Genesis. We have 4 ways for you to get connected and encourage you to pick one. Each one provides the opportunity to be part of a group, build relationships, find encouragement and support.

1. Get on a Team

This is the quickest and fastest way to get connected at Genesis. As a church that is portable a lot of what we do involves people who are willing to BE the church and part of its purpose. Getting on a team allows you to get in the trenches with others and build strong bonds by being on mission together.

2. Join an Outreach

We are not a Sunday box. We are a church beyond it’s walls and a fantastic way to get connected is to be part of the outreach events that Genesis has to offer. From monthly opportunities of serving women and children in need, to feeding the homeless, community events and even global missions. Each opportunity allows you to come along side of others and connect through a shared purpose.

3. Group Life

Our groups at Genesis are constantly evolving. We are alway looking for ways and opportunities to allow others to get connected through studies during the week and by joining a group this one great way to take that next step.

4. Me + 3

This is a deeper level for those who feel like they have really connected and want to take living life with others to a new depth. This opportunity exists for those who want to take an initiative to start a group that is smaller but more dynamic and organic in how they meet, grow, help and live life with one another. The concept is simple. One person take the initiative to spear head the group and find three other people to commit to doing it with them. It can be men, women, couples or singles.

Want more information about one of our ways to get connected? Email us: [email protected]