ARMOR_LOGO_MASTERWelcome to the ARMOR, a place to connect with other men, do men type stuff, and in the process provide places for a healthy release in hopes to become better people, husbands, fathers, and followers of Jesus. This isn’t a place to be something you’re not, this is a place where we all man-up and realize we need each other in this world. It’s about us locking shields and helping each other battle through life and the tough things it throws our way.


At the ARMOR we provide monthly activities for all men to relax and escape the pressures of life. We also provide relationships, mentoring, and coaching for those who are struggling in areas they realize they can’t fight through on their own. Whatever you’re looking for and no matter what stage of life you’re in, we believe that the stronger we become as men, the greater impact we are going to have in our homes and worlds.


Women at Genesis is a fun, relaxing, environment for women in or out of the church to gather, connect, and escape the routine of life. We understand all the responsibilities women carry as they work, try to raise children, and look for a space just to breathe. These are great moments for women to build friendships, introduce others, and carve out a little time just for yourself.


At Women at Genesis monthly activities are provided to spark conversations, and possible friendships that we hope will help you become better women, mom’s, wives, and followers of Jesus. We would love to have YOU come be a part. Check back here regularly for updates on upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you there.



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