Our most influential relationships are established within our own communities. It is crucial that we understand and “own” this mentality as we join TOGETHER to love and serve our local community. As we get to know those around us more we find people everywhere are hurting and in need of help. Genesis Church, with other churches and organizations, will continually put forth time, effort and finances to meet these needs whenever possible.

Straight Street Orlando (feeding the homeless of Orlando)

Ignite Week (1 exciting week every summer for the kids in our community)

WRCC (Women’s Residential Counseling Center) ministering to women in need



Outreach Strategy

1. God’s leading (prayer & discernment)

2. Gospel & Discipleship Strategy Alignment

3. Local Church Partnership

4. Strategic Impact Opportunities (long term commitment, short term actions)

5. Trip Appeal (location, cost, on site support, etc.)


 Crosbert Smith

Lead Pastor: Lillyfield Baptist Church



Bamboo, Jamaica


- top vacation country, highly unreached

- underdeveloped town with 4,000 people

- located on a mountain where supplies are scarce

- working with the local church, Lillyfield Baptist Church, orphanages and schools

Mozart Barbosa Alves

Lead Pastor: Church of the Flowers



Sao Paulo, Brazil


- 7th largest city in the world

- 18.8 million people

- 70% live in poverty

- over 35% live in extreme poverty

- working with EPB Church, Flower Baptist Church, Sao Paulo College Ministry, and 2 local orphanages


*From the very beginning Genesis will always play a part in something bigger than themselves and so will you. More outreach opportunities will arise, but from the start Genesis will take money we raise and play a part in helping those in our community and around the world. When you give to help Genesis, you are giving to help others as well.

 For more info or any questions about local outreach or trips to Jamaica and Brazil please contact us below.