IGNITE 2017 returns JULY 24th-28th at Legacy Middle School so mark your calendar.

For all children who have just finished k5- 5th grade this school year!

IGNITE week 2016 saw a record number of participants with over 500 children and volunteers! In just two years we have grown exponentially, been names Winner of the 2015 Macaroni Kids East Orlando Summer Camp Award, and partnered with multiple companies, trainers, and coaches as we strive to provide an excellent experience for children in our city. This event is a GIFT to our community as a way for us to connect with families and children, giving them something to be part of that helps build them up and display to them that they matter. The cost is ONLY $5.00 per child which helps offset the cost of your child’s camp t-shirt and snacks for the week. We try to make this camp as cost effective as possible to eliminate any barriers for your child to experience a week of sports, arts and an unbelievable program! IGNITE is also a great opportunity for us to partner with many organizations in our community, bridging the gap and fulfilling our purpose to be alive and active in our city. This year we had 12 different sports and arts tracks partnering with organizations, coaches and trainers from around our community for children to choose from.

Make sure your kids K-5th grade are ready to be part of IGNITE week 2017 and register early spring to secure their spot! screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-22-43-pm

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What did others have to say? 

“Cheerleading made me feel like a real cheerleader, even though I haven’t been one before. It was so much fun learning cheers!”- Natalia; Camper

“As a volunteer and a parent, I thought it was very well organized and planned out. It was engaging, exciting, and unpredictable – in the very best way!” – Kerry; Cheer Volunteer

I always wanted to do Karate, and at IGNITE I finally got to!” – Brayden; Camper

“I loved helping kids build confidence in knowing they could create something unique and make it “cool” and have FUN too!”– Nina; Art Volunteer

“I loved interacting with everyone while having fun in our group and getting to know new people better”. – Emily; Camper

“Volunteering was fun! I enjoyed helping kids learn, and then at the end they felt like they had learned something new”. – Jacob; Soccer Volunteer

“BEST CAMP EVER!!!”– Kailyn; Camper





This Basketball clinic is sure to be a “hoop” of fun.  Come ready to sharpen your skills, learn the game of basketball for the first time, or just have a great time.  Children will participate in basketball skills; including proper passing; correct ball-handling skills and the 9 techniques of basketball shooting.  Genesis member, Kenneth Ellis will lead this camp.  Ellis has played basketball for many years; He has played in the military, several Pro-Am leagues across the US, and has also coached at the high school basketball level.   *Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes each night.


Football fundamentals and fun await students during this flag football camp, which helps players improve and maximize their game, build confidence, and promote teamwork.  Our coaches will teach standardized flag football rules, strategic plays, and run a variety of offensive and defensive drills.  Seasoned football coach, Jeff Newcomb heads up this action packed clinic.  Jeff is an experienced youth football coach, certified through the Pop Warner football league, and he has coached flag football teams for the past 4 years.  *Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes each night.


Kick your soccer skills up to the next level.  In this soccer track, participants will develop proper soccer technique and participate in a variety of drills to improve passing, receiving, and shooting abilities.  Players with both novice and seasoned soccer backgrounds are welcome to be a part of this camp.  KidGenesis volunteer, Chris Gauvin, will facilitate Go for the Goal.  Since 2005, Chris has served as both an assistant and head coach through various youth soccer programs; including the YMCA and local VPK.  *Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes each night. Shin guards recommended.


Cheerleading: a sport that combines leading the crowd in chants, dancing, tumbling, stunting, and FUN in order to inspire the crowd and lead your team to victory!! In this track, participants will learn fundamental cheerleading skills, including motions and jumps, as well as a few cheers, and a mini routine that is sure to inspire this next generation of athletes. This will be led by Mary Braud. She is the Cheer Director for the Avalon Wolves Pop Warner organization and cheer coach at High Performance Cheer. Mary brings 9 years of coaching experience both in recreational and all-star cheer venues. She has led her Pop Warner teams to the National competition at Disney World’s Wide World of Sports every year. Her goal is to bring out the absolute best in every child while focusing on technique and implementing a love of cheer fitness! *Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes each night.


Come twirl about in this fun-filled camp.  Participants will be taught fundamental twirling tricks in a building block process, allowing each participant to move at his/her own pace.  Whether a brand new beginner or an experienced twirler, Twirl It will provide a unique learning experience for everyone.  All will end in a final performance that is sure to be a smash.   KidGenesis volunteer, Lynette Singer, heads up this exciting clinic.  Lynette is the National Secretary for AAU Baton Twirling, a gold medalist at the state, regional, and Junior Olympic level.  She has several years of teaching & twirling experience with Brite Star Twirlers of Central Florida.  *Batons will be provided during the camp.  Students are also welcome to bring their own batons.


You’ll be sure to get a “kick” out of this self-defense clinic! You will get a chance to learn the basics of THREE different martial arts. Taekwondo, which includes punching and kicking, Hapkido, which includes joint manipulation, and Yudo, which involves the art of throwing. This course is taught my Master Chris Courington, a 5th degree black belt in the United States Chung Do Kwan Association, the first association for Taekwondo in America, and the oldest form of modern day Taekwondo. He is also an advanced student in the arts of Hapkido, through the Hae Mu Kwan Hapkido system, as well as Yudo, through the Republic of Korea Yudo Federation.


Let’s get into the swing of things. Learn or improve on a game made for a lifetime in a fun high energy environment. In our golf track you will learn fundamentals like grip, setup, and posture, moving into full swing. We will also go over putting and chipping techniques. Led by Dave Stanley. Dave has taught golf all over the country to golfers of all ability levels from never touching a club, to PGA tour winners. Dave has given over 20,000 golf lessons taking many junior golfers from first swings to college scholarships. Dave graduated from Methodist University minoring in professional golf management, a PGA accredited program. *Students are welcome to bring personal golf clubs, but are not necessary for participation.


Get ready to “swing” into action with one of our newest additions to the sports tracks at IGNITE CAMP. Come learn the beginning fundamentals of baseball or softball, improve on current skills, or just come out to enjoy a good time. This track will cover the beginning stages of catching, throwing, fielding, and hitting as well as include drills and techniques to help learn the game of baseball or softball. KidGenesis volunteer, Emily Hughes, will be leading the girls’ softball track. Emily has over 10 years of softball experience, including club ball, travel ball, high school ball, and also played at the collegiate level. She also coached multiple showcase teams after her college career.  Father son team, Glenn and Greg Gutek will lead the boys’ baseball track.  *Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes each night. Athletes are also welcome to bring their own gloves.


Every child is an artist!  This track is designed to encourage artistic expression, creativity and imagination.   Young artists will explore painting with tempera paint, watercolor and more. Art-a-pallooza will be led by Kim Newcomb, who teaches art at Family Christian Academy.  She has presented at ACTS (Association of Christian Teachers and Schools) and is the owner of The Masters Creations.  Your child will be using unusual tools and will experiment with color, line and texture to create their own masterpieces throughout the week. On the last night, parents and kids will collaborate on a final project showing off all they have learned. Come join us where messes, creativity and memories are made and imagination is sparked. *Students should wear a paint shirt under their Ignite T-shirt each night.


Get ready to make music in this swinging camp.  Children will participate in choral singing; applying techniques in voice, harmony, rhythm, and musical expression.  Additionally, each fun-filled musical number will incorporate the element of movement.  All will culminate in a show stopping final performance.  Sing, Sing, Swing will be led by Genesis Church’s worship leader, Nikki Hyatt.  Nikki holds a Master’s Degree in Music Education, and has over 15 years of experience as a vocal performer and teacher.  In addition to leading worship at Genesis Church, she is a private vocal coach, casting director/choral rehearsal leader at Central Florida Community Arts, and a choral clinician at Walt Disney World Co.


Come and explore your creative side with skits, scenes and improv games. Be prepared to have fun, express yourself and even give a little performance. This track will be led by Rhonda Cato. Rhonda is the Artistic Director and founder of Magic Curtain Productions a non-profit community theater offering education and entertainment to the East Orlando community. Offering full day summer camps, after school care and performance opportunities as well as open auditions for their award winning Performance Troupes.