Mission: Rethinking life the way God intended.

“be transformed by the renewing of your mind” / Romans 12:2




Welcome to Genesis! We don’t know your past experience with a church but here at Genesis we extend a welcome to you. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, divorced, in a relationship, or shouldn’t be in your current one.  If you have a lot of money, some money, or if you have none. You’re welcomed at Genesis if you wear a suit or if you don’t even own one, if you sing good enough to try out for American Idol, or can’t carry a tune. We welcome those who are enjoying life and those who feel like giving up on it, those stuck in addictions, and those trying to break free. We don’t care what church you came from, if you don’t know why you are here, or if you are trying to see if we are the real deal. We welcome anyone and everyone, because Jesus does. There are no perfect people in this church.  At Genesis we welcome you because all of us have something to change, turn from, get rid of, give up, and fix, so that nothing hinders us from living the life God originally created us for. We don’t shy away from the Truth of God’s Word and believe our life is best lived when it’s guided by His instructions. The goal isn’t how we enter at Genesis, but we how willing we are to leave transformed by the redeeming power of God.

Genesis Church

 **The video above is of our old location. After four and a half years, Genesis Church has moved to Regal IMAX Cinemas as of November 16, 2014. This move is due to continued growth and fulfillment of the purpose God brought us to Orlando for. Please see the “REGAL” link for info about our move. The Video does give you a glimpse of what has happened in the past few years.  *Our Newest Location: Regal IMAX Cinemas @ Waterford Town Center


What type of Church are you?

We are simply a Church. BY CHOICE we are not a certain “denomination” for those who may inquire to know. This is not because we want to be called “non-denominational” nor are we against them. Actually our heart is that we would just be known as the Church to this city. We want all walls to come down that might inhibit a person from experiencing Church. We are Kingdom minded, and tired of things that separate the body of Christ. In fact we have had many different types of churches who have played a part in helping Genesis start. Not being known as a certain “denomination” can help some people and hinder others depending on how you were raised. Our desire and prayer is that you would come and see what Genesis is truly about, instead of trying to just find a “church” like you were raised in or experienced before.

What can I expect?

A place that is about more than ourselves. This world is bigger than us and we daily want to find our role in it. Of course we want to say it’s a place where you are welcomed, accepted and encouraged. But more than that its a place to live TOGETHER with others. This Church is not about observing, but participating. It’s about BECOMING the Church, not just attending one. We are tired of “Sunday boxes”. Each week we seek to do one important thing; open up God’s Word and see what we need to take away, shift, or change in our life to live as close to the way God originally intended for us. This Church is full of imperfect people, because we all have issues and problems we are trying to work through. But above all its about helping each other prepare for the next 6 days coming in your week. Oh, by the way… it’s a casual environment for people of all age, color, and background.

What do you believe?

Our doctrine, theology, beliefs, and devotions are very important to us and probably to you too. Feel free to click the above tabs to read through what we believe and what we are devoted to as a church. You can be sure that God’s Word is where we start as a church and where we end as one for it is the ultimate authority by which we submit our lives to.

What do you teach the kids?

The Bible! We are serious and concerned about the next generation of the church understanding and learning the Truth found in God’s Word. In creative and fun environments we seek to teach them as much as possible to help aid you as a family to have children who love God, follow Jesus, and can’t wait to return to church.

How safe is it for my kids?

Our check-in and check-out procedures [all computer generated] are in place to ensure that no child is removed from the KidGenesis areas by any person other than the one who dropped off the child. Background screenings are also required for all staff and volunteers serving in KidGenesis. Along with this, since our volunteers serve regularly, their familiarity with KidGenesis families often serves as an additional safety measure. We also have a security team that monitors the facility each week during serves helping add another layer of safety for such precious people.

Can I bring my child in the service if needed?

YES! We never want to hinder you from being able to learn and worship with others. We do encourage families to use KidGenesis and GenesisJUNIOR as a place to allow their children to grow, engage, and interact with others their same age. However, we understand that we do now know the circumstances, situations, or issues that might arise between you and your children. Therefore we trust you as the parent to make the best decision possible for your situation and also respect the environment of others who have come to worship.


*We understand that this does not answer all of your questions. You can find these answers and the answers to more of your questions on our web site.