We believe that becoming a Covenant Member of Genesis Church should be something meaningful for you and the church, because of that we don’t take our Membership lightly. When you make a commitment to become a Covenant Member you are committing to three things:

1. A commitment to God. You’re affirming that you are indeed a Believer who is desiring to follow Jesus, and you’ve been baptized to publicly show your allegiance to Him. (if you have not been baptized, then you plan to do so as soon as possible) 2. You are committing to the purpose and vision of Genesis. You know the mission statement and shared beliefs, so you commit to playing an active part in guiding other people to find the life that God originally intended for them. Because of this, you are committed to serve in some capacity with the church and you also commit to and understand your biblical response in giving to support the Church financially so that it can function to fulfill it’s mission and be what God created the church to be. 3. You are committing to Intentionally Living. You understand that it is your responsibility to carry the message of Jesus forward wherever you go, so you commit to be strategic, purposeful, and sacrificial in your life to intentionally engage with others. It is in this bold way of living that you’re committing to love God and love others TOGETHER.

Any follower of Christ is invited to become a Covenant Member of Genesis Church if they are desiring to covenant with us in our shared values, our beliefs as a church, and our INTENTIONAL way of living. Please take the time to read through our Covenant Member packet. Submit any covenant member agreements to guest relations on Sunday.

Covenant Member Packet