People are God’s treasure. In fact he told them so in Exodus 19:5 “…you will be my treasured possession”. God‘s original design was for people to be together. All people. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4 ”Again I saw something meaningless under the sun: There was a man all alone.” This is why we value building authentic relationships with people. Jesus’ ministry & life were solely about helping, loving and reaching people. No one was ever excluded and everyone was invited to join. In following the way of Jesus we welcome, accept, invite, live with and among everyone, no matter their background, race, political party, shape, size, dress or any other idea that might put a dividing wall between two people.  God’s design happens best when this way of living takes place.

//Genesis 2:18 / Exodus 19:1-5 / Ecclesiastes 4:7-12 / Mark 12:29 / 1 John 4:7-21


Family is important. Although each family looks very different from the next, we believe that family should be of the highest priority. Outside of our relationship with God, our relationship with family is crucial. The role of a husband to his wife, a wife to her husband, parents to children, and children to parents are painted all through the Bible. We believe that we are to help others understand that a family learning, giving, and being together has a huge advantage in discovering the life God designed for each of its members.

//Deuteronomy 6:4-5 / Proverbs 13 / Ephesians 5:21-33


We believe that the Scriptures are God’s very words given to us. They are inspired by God and recorded by men. God’s word is not just a check box each day on our list of things to do as a Christian. We believe these poems, letters, accounts and stories are essential for daily living. Our responsibility is to learn how to live these words to the world we are placed in. We value reading, learning, and memorizing these words so that we have them on our hearts and minds as we enter in and out of relationships with people.

//Deuteronomy 6:4-9 / Joshua 1:7-8 / Psalm 18:30 / Philippians 4:8-9 / 2 Timothy 3:16-17


We believe prayer is not bound to time or schedule. Prayer is communicating with God in every moment of the day. Prayer is powerful and was established for community, healing, and restoration among each other and with God. We believe God longs to walk and talk with us. We also acknowledge the honor we have to speak with Him, but must also have the discipline to be silent to hear Him. We believe that God is always listening to the cries of His people and draws close to us when we draw close to Him. Without prayer, we are incapable of truly living in a relationship with God.

// Matthew 6:5-18 / Ephesians 6:18 / James 5:13-15

Rest & Simplicity

We believe that God designed the world to work in a certain rhythm. Most people enter in and out of their week, frantically wearing themselves out from trying to do too much. In doing so they never understand that they are trying to control and dictate the outcome of life for themselves. We believe God is in control. We do believe that we are to work hard and that rest does not equal laziness. Still our value is to teach people to step back, rethink their calendar and schedule times of rest. When we do this we are displaying to God that we trust him with all of our life.

We also believe that simple is better. The world is already full of complex choices and decisions to make. The Bible although difficult at times to understand, is an instruction to live life different from the patterns of the world. Through a simple approach, we believe the best life possible can be found.

//Exodus 31:12-16 / Deuteronomy 8 / Matthew 6:25 – 33 / Matthew 11:28


We believe that we are to play an active role in the world God created. Together as a body we are to set the example of how to steward our time, resources, and abilities in this world. We are the embodiment of His message to those on the other side of the planet and to those next door to us.  We believe that God has a plan to reclaim and restore His creation; and what we do while we are living matters. Our call is to work together as a team to reproduce people who understand this way of living. Through strategic work, we will see this happen through networking with other churches, outreach, serving our community, church planting, and any other crazy idea that just might work to teach people: that they are the church in the world wherever they go.

//Genesis 1:28-29 / Psalm 24:1-2 / Matthew 28:18-19 / John 3:16 / Acts 1:9 / Romans 8

Preparation, Creativity & Excellence

Our passion is to engage people with the message of Jesus from the best we have to offer. We believe that we were designed to be creative and that the best ideas, thoughts and dreams should come by those who see life through different lenses. God has given each of us a small platform to use our gifts and skills in a unique way. We set high standards and make our standards explicit so that we can evaluate our progress in this area as a team. We believe that every expression of the Church must be done with authenticity, integrity, and excellence. Because we believe this, we find it important that we bring our hearts and souls when we come together. We hold the right to defer or decline anything that is not the best we can possibly do or within our purpose. Still, this value is only possible when time and preparation are taking place.

// Colossians 3:17

Play & Recreation

Each of us have unique hobbies and interests that allow us to enjoy the world around us.  It is vital that we enjoy these moments to find balance to life for our own health. We will recognize the seasons of business and plan breaks accordingly.  We find extreme value in vacations and sabbaticals to find fun and rest in the life God created for us.