Gift Offering

Give Now!

This year our annual gift offering is going to allow us to do something BIG as a church. We have a goal of $35,000.00 to achieve all that God is preparing us to be part of. This year your generosity will help us accomplish 4 things. 100% of what is given will towards our goal to accomplish the things we have shared for this years.

What we can do TOGETHER!

  1. Build the first Montessori School in Parque Dos Flores, Brazil (region of Sao, Paulo). That reaches children living in extreme poverty.
  2. Help start a new church to reach people far from God and create 2 year Bible Institute to train pastors in Jamaica.
  3. Allow us to expand IGNITE our summer kids sports and arts camp around our city and to other countries in the world.
  4. To purchase the equipment necessary to help us continue reaching people through online broadcasting.

All giving is tax deductible and all giving can take place up till 11:59pm on December 31st, 2018. All giving done by mail must be dated and postmarked by December 31st.

You can also give online below.

Let's all give TOGETHER and do something none of us could do alone!

For more questions about our gift offering partnerships email us.